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An ecosystem that makes it possible for a company to move from e-business to digital business is built on SMAC. With minimal overhead and maximum reach, the four technologies help businesses get closer to their customers and improve business operations. The proliferation of mobile device-generated structured and unstructured data, wearable technology,

connected devices, sensors, social media, loyalty card programs and website browsing is creating new business models built on customer-generated data.

Technologies under the SMAC umbrella are as follows

Evolution and rise of SMAC

The impact of IT’s consumerization was referred to as SMAC in 2011 or 2012. One-to-one communication and on-premises software and hardware made up enterprise computing. The traditional model of computing was upended by the rise of mobile devices and cloud computing.


Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have provided businesses with new ways to reach, interact with, target and acquire customers.


The way people talk, shop, and work has changed thanks to mobile technologies and platforms like the iPhone and iPad.


Mobile technologies and platforms such as the iPhone and the iPad, have changed the way people communicate, shop and work.


Cloud computing provides a new way to access technology and the data a business needs to quickly respond to changing markets and solve business problems.

Convey the pleasure of an performing magnificent moments & rising up the top.

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Businesses now have an unprecedented opportunity to interact directly with customers and gain valuable insights for brand development thanks to social media.

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